BOURGET (Paul) (1852-1935)

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BOURGET (Paul) (1852-1935)
Autograph manuscript signed 18 May 1923, 2 p. in-4°. Ratures Interesting text: this is Bourget's response to one of the first literary investigations, launched by Pierre Barillon and Henri Rambaud on the Masters of Youth: Bourget makes some reflections on the movement of ideas in the new generations: ".... The newcomers are certainly our debtors. And first of all we will have preserved them by curing ourselves of the most dangerous disposition of mind, that which was the temptation of our youth to us dilettantism. What dominates their intelligence is the taste to think right in order to act right... from another illness, we have delivered them from that pessimism of which the robust genius of a Maupassant and the acute talent of a Huysmans were poisoned.... Our masters, the Sainte-Beuve, the Renan, the Taine, the Flaubert, were mistaken in their definition of the word science. They meant only the knowledge acquired through experimental processes. They absorbed it all in biology. This was to destroy the psychological fact as a state of consciousness, the moral fact and the religious fact. The narrowness of this conception seems to be demonstrated today... The psychological fact must be studied as a psychological fact, the religious fact as a religious fact. This shift in position explains the return of the intellectual youth to the church, where the supporters of scientism only want to see a movement of political reaction... ».
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