CHÉREAU (Patrice) (1944-2013) Set of three... - Lot 44 - Baron Ribeyre & Associés

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CHÉREAU (Patrice) (1944-2013) Set of three... - Lot 44 - Baron Ribeyre & Associés
CHÉREAU (Patrice) (1944-2013) Set of three signed autograph letters, 1976, 1977 and 1980. The main theme is the preparation of the Bayreuth Festival. Patrice Chéreau evokes the difficulty of the work of staging Wagner's Tetralogy. The first letter dates from the day before the opening of the Bayreuth Centenary. Indeed, in the summer of 1976, the centenary of the Ring was being prepared for this event. Wolfgang Wagner (grandson of the composer) called upon the conductor Pierre Boulez, who proposed Patrice Chéreau for the staging. Patrice Chéreau will revolutionize the staging, the sets are modern, the beauty of the waves of the "Gold of the Rhine" is transformed into a hydroelectric dam, etc... Patrice Chéreau asks the singers to play, he demands precision, sharpness of movement, he asks them to transmit an emotion. The staging of the Centenary was extremely badly received in 1976, and the performances ended under the booing of the audience. Chereau made many changes that would lead to the final staging. The audience was still very divided and there was a real battle of applause and booing. 1980 will be the year of the coronation, this revolutionary "Ring" will be ovationed during eighty-five minutes, there will be one hundred and twenty-one curtains raised. L.A.S. [Bayreuth, end of July 24, 1976]. 2 p. Folio. "«... The work, here, is monstrous, every morning at 10 am until 10h30 in the evening with 3 hours of break, I set up a whole opera (The Walkyrie) that is to say 3 hours of spectacle I begin today (Saturday) "the twilight of the Gods" the last, The most monstrous, the most difficult but the most painful and the most crazy (100 people on the set) It's very hard to jump from one work to another, thinks that Wagner took thirty years to write everything and I have to put it all together in three months. The city here is preparing for the centenary... It's only a vast building site, the theatre too, and we don't know where to put the sets (15 times the dispu
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