COCTEAU (Jean) (1889-1963).

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COCTEAU (Jean) (1889-1963).
6 documents. Ms. aut.: ébauche de poème (s.l.n.d.) 1 p. in-4° some erasures and corrections: " Ici on ne parle pas de naissance/ La terre est un ours nourri d'horrible miel. But elsewhere the foaming spring is born/ like Venus, from an ocean of earth/ announced by the dogs and by the angels/...What can happen in our dead sea/ where all the trees are scarecrows "; L.A.S. to " Mon Jef chéri " 2 p. in-8° (s.l.n.d.): " Marcel writes to me that the beautiful article has appeared...I beg you to send me the N° by Gringoire.... I offered Carbuccia a series of caricatures (among my best drawings)... I am poor - poor to tears... "L.A.S. to "Mon Joseph" Clinic of Saint Cloud (s.d. 1929), 1 p. in-4°: "I want to kiss you at Christmas from my "torture chamber". You know what would make me happy To have the icon in this place of solitude... "L.A.S. to "Jef", Clinique de Saint-Cloud 1929, 1 p. in-4°: "Jef, I have sorrow... You did not send me your book and the Georges do not even answer anymore to 2 letters... I made the only tale of my life for Detective. They don't want to publish it or give it back to me. Do the Kessels know that I love them... "L.A.S. to Joseph Kessel, 12-12-1958, 1 p. in-4° envelope: "I kiss you very hard for your price... Yesterday I found your admirable article on Raymond and on me. L.A.S. to "Mon Georges" October 1959, 1 p. in-4°: "Here is my secret: every day I have a smile for those I love . My heart never changes... ».
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