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16 documents. Barbès (Armand): L.A. (incomplete) to a friend 13 January (n.d.) 5 p. in-8°: very interesting political letter on the trial of Bourges (1849) and its positions during the revolution of 1848, in particular the demonstration of May 15, 48: the report of the trial would be very useful to him to answer an accusation of M. Mr. Normanby said, "In a short speech I said en bloc: that I had been opposed to the demonstration because, while approving and doing more than approving its aim, I feared that it would give rise to some triumph of reaction; but that when I had seen the evil that I had wanted to avoid, I had tried to turn the chances that remained to us to the advantage of the people; and that at the time of the dissolution of the assembly, especially, I had not hesitated to walk to the town hall to organize a provisional power, since the regular power no longer existed... "Blanc (Louis): 2 autograph notes (s.l.n.d.), 2 p. in-8°: about his Memoirs: "On all the facts that I advance I boldly defy contradiction. For I have studied myself to affirm nothing without proof, and I have pushed the scruple to the point of keeping silent what I had been the only one to see!...Pascal said with great reason no doubt that the self was hateful. But could things be known if men were forbidden to bequeath their memories to history ?... "Attached is a note to be inserted; Carnot (Lazare Hippolyte): 2 L.A.S. 1861 and November 23, 1863, 2 p. 1/3 in-8°: Political letter relating to the election of Pelletan, deputy of the Seine, attached L.A.S. of his wife; Carnot (Sadi) son of the previous one: aut. note signed; Crémieux (Adolphe): L.S. to M. Garet, royal notary, Paris 3 April 1833, 2 p. in-4° address on his name and functions: business letter; Garnier-Pagès (Louis Antoine): L.A.S. Paris October 22, 1862, 4 p. in-16°: "... You cannot imagine how happy I would be to see our 1848 revolution exposed, explained, and defended by a historian such as you. It would be
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