JOUHANDEAU (Marcel) (1888-1979).

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JOUHANDEAU (Marcel) (1888-1979).
4 documents. Ms. autograph, (s.l.n.d.) 1 p. 1/2 in-8°, erasures and corrections: autobiographical note "birth, studies and teaching" at the Passy boarding school while writing short stories... In his work, we can distinguish two currents of inspiration... Imbued with catholicism, he keeps the mark of it without leaving to tackle the most dangerous problems ... ». 3 drafts of autograph manuscripts with erasures and corrections (s.l.n.d.): - "Sexual Anomalies" 3 p. in-8°: "The anomalies that we give ourselves are of no importance with those that nature imposes on us, but in this field it is gravity that matters...". If my wife had had the curiosity to know me and the intelligence to understand me, we could have been the happiest couple in the world. After forcing me to marry her... she took action against me... of what she knew full well... to subject me to a kind of relentless martyrdom that lasted almost half a century... ». - Manuscrit politique sur l'après-guerre 3 p. in-8°: "How could it not be obvious that it was not those who in 1936, on the eve of the invasion, created a Ministry of Leisure and raised their fist, shouting shit for France? Only one thing dictated their conduct: their attachment to political aims unrelated to patriotism... Can there be a more crying symbol of what I am saying than to have seen, in the aftermath of the most disastrous of victories, Minister Maurice Thorez and Charles Maurras in prison? ». - Manuscript of a meeting 2 p. 1/2 in-8°: "I call Mme M. so that she can reserve a boy for me Rendez vous is taken for tomorrow... I am dealing with a serious boy, as one is only there to die. I'm watching him die when all of a sudden he's turned into a bull that smells like a stable... ». Joint: Levesque (Robert): 4 L.A.S. and 1 L.A. at Jouhandeau 1925- 1927 13 p. in-8°: letters of pension written by his former pupil; L.S. Granval and Madeleine Renaud 1937, 1 p. in-4°: "Your appreciation is a small masterp
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