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800 - 1000 EUR
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Result : 1 024EUR
About 150 documents. Acton (Harold): 3 L.A.S. and 2 envelopes enclosed; Adam (Juliet): 3 L.A.S.; Andre (Paul): L.A.S. and envelope enclosed, refers to an autograph letter from Chopin: "Chopin's letter is dated from the Chateau de Nohant, at Mrs. George Sand's house. It was written on August 2, 1835"; Aveline (Claude): 6 C.A.S., an autograph line and a facsimile of "Portrait de l'Oiseau-Qui-N'existe-Pas"; Barbusse (Henri): L.A.S. and C.A.S., it evokes the war of 1914-1918 "... I also see that we are approaching, at the same time, the "beginning of the end""; Barjavel (René): L.A.S.; Bauër (Gérard): L.A.S. with enclosed envelope, greeting card with signed autograph line, greeting card with some autograph words; Bédarida (Paul): 4 L.A.S. and one C.A.S.; Bernard (Tristan): L.A.S. and a fragment of L.A.S.; Bernstein (Henri): L.A.S.; Blasco Ibañes (Vincente): L.A.S. and L.S.; Bordeaux (Henri): L.A.S. Envelope enclosed; Brion (Marcel): L.A.S.; Carco (F.): L.A.S.; Carcopino (Jérôme): C.A.S.; Charcot (Jean-Baptiste): L.A.S.; Claudel (Paul): L.A.S.; Coppee (Francis): C.A.S.; Desbrueres (Michel): 5 L.A.S.; Descave (Lucien): 7 L.A.S. and C.A.S.; Doderet (André): 6 L.A.S. and C.A.S.; Dorgeles (Roland): L.A.S. and greeting card with a few autograph lines signed; Drouin (Michel): C.A.S.; Druon (Maurice): C.A.S.; Farrere (Claude): 2 L.S.; France (Anatole): B.A.S. in Charavay, signed autographed photo, 5 photos including one of d'Annunzio and 5 ex-libris; Guillen (Jorge): L.A.S. and enclosed envelope; Hazard (Paul): 5 L.A.S., C.A.S.; Signed card and B.A.S.; Henriot (Émile): L.A.S.; Heredia (José Maria de): B.A.S.; Ionesco (Eugene): L.S. with enclosed envelope; Jouve (Pierre Jean): 5 L.S. with 2 enclosed envelopes, 4 L.S. and card with three autograph words; Kochnitzky (Léon): 17 L.A.S., one C.A.S, two telegraphs, a book "Éphémérides parfois intimes intimates" with a signed autograph and a small publication; Lamartine (Alphonse de): signed sl
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