PRINCE IMPÉRIAL (Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte,... - Lot 171 - Baron Ribeyre & Associés

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PRINCE IMPÉRIAL (Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte,... - Lot 171 - Baron Ribeyre & Associés
PRINCE IMPÉRIAL (Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, le) (1856-1879) L.A.S. à Monsieur (Paul) Merruau" (s.l.) 19 June 1877, 10 p. ½ in-8°. to its number. It evokes the position of the daily newspaper l'Ordre "... The Order, which was far too ministerial at the beginning of the crisis, has now returned to what it should have been by standing up to the government in extreme reserve.... " He goes on to analyse the French political situation "... The Marshal President of the Republic finds himself in the singular necessity of having to appeal to the enemies of the Republic for the maintenance of his powers... The powers of Evil only postpone the crisis that must necessarily accompany the (mutation) of the governmental question, but far from conjuring it, it increases the peril... Today the ordeal has been interrupted and for others than for us, the crisis has broken out, let us avoid it aborting and let us guard against resuming a path that has already been travelled and which can only lead to a new crisis or a surprise orléaniste ..." he concludes his letter by asking for the identity of the contributors to congratulate them and goes back to what The Order must or must not publish ". I noticed some regrettable expressions in the January issue. Mr. B.'s speech was compared to a bleating. It was added that Mr Gambetta had subversive theories. His pictures are neither suitable nor happy... The Order should speak well or badly of people only with extreme reserve.
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