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5 documents. GRIGNAN (Françoise-Marguerite de Sévigné, Countess of) daughter of the Marquise de Sévigné, of whom she was the main correspondent (1646-1705): L.A.S. Gignan, 20 (n.d.) 2 p. in-8°. About an affair "... I do not understand, Sir, what is preventing me from hearing from you. You were supposed to finish our business the day after tomorrow... I don't hear any more about it. There's a sentence I don't know how you used it. I'm afraid I've disturbed you and your business at Fontaine deau is going badly wrong. I'm very sorry to have involved you in this wretched business... " SÉVIGNÉ (Charles Marquis de) son of the Marquise de Sévigné (1648-1713): L.A.S. of his initials, to his sister (s.l.n.d.) 1 p. in-4°. Address " For my little sister ". Amazing letter " (...) The stake has just dressed the mother. The powder of sympathy did not work a good miracle, but it has put us in condition that the black ointment that you sent us will finish what remains to be done. So synpathy and the black ointment will have the honour of this much desired cure. If you feel like kissing the Senor, you may do so while he still has a nose and ears. One that he once did not so temperately expose the limbs. Farewell my little sister, I always make a thousand compliments full of contrition to M. de Grignan, and beg you to save my princess from the fury of Troyen (...); SIMIANE (Pauline de Grignan, marquise de) granddaughter of the marquise de Sévigné (1674-1737) L.A. to the Marquis de Caumont, Avignon, September 19 (1729), 2 p. in-4°. Stamped with her arms. Dehorning due to the breaking of the stamps. Interesting letter in which she evokes the situation of the Marquis de Caumont "(...) I learned by labbe anfossi all the extreme worries where you have been (...) I loüe dieu (...) that the feeling has come back to you (...) " she thanks him " (...).) the kindness that you would like to have as mediator between the Holy See and Me in the wake of a smal
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