BRETON (André), poète et écrivain français... - Lot 34 - Baron Ribeyre & Associés

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BRETON (André), poète et écrivain français... - Lot 34 - Baron Ribeyre & Associés
BRETON (André), poète et écrivain français (1896-1966) L.A.S. to " Mon cher Maître " (Maurice Garçon) Paris 10 March 1953, 1 p. 1/4 in-4°. "«... As soon as I was out of your presence, I imagined all the aberrations of my speaking about Huysmans in the framework you suggested, addressing myself in addition to people coming out of a mass. I am not hiding the fact... that you will accuse me of being very narrow-minded, but... I do not see myself being the subject of the negotiations you are planning with the priest of St. Séverin so that he can consider without any shadow of a doubt my intervention in the places that he supervises. After that I would not recognize myself at all. Let me take refuge in the idea that Diderot, for example, without even mentioning Sade or Rimbaud (I apologize for appealing to such high authorities and I intend to keep all proportions) did not show himself to be more conciliatory. It's not that the climate created around the Finaly affair, largely thanks to you, would invite me to be less rigorous. It goes without saying that, if it can take another form, my testimony on Huysmans is entirely at your disposal... ». Then Breton talks about his trial in Cahors defended by Mr Mercadier, for having put his finger on a prehistoric fresco. Me Garçon was the Finaly family's lawyer in the long legal battle that lasted until 1953 between the Finaly family and their two Jewish children taken in by a very religious Catholic woman during the war who wanted to keep them.
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